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I am an incredible knowledge seeker and a dream chaser!

A passionate engineer striving for quality in the smallest details.

My story began when my hands first held my MEGA BLOCKS set; even at less than a year old, I wanted to build big things. Maybe it was just a couple of pieces, but to me, they were a whole world waiting to be discovered. Over time, I received my first LEGO set, and building things with my own hands became my first passion. At that moment, all I wanted was more pieces to create bigger and increasingly complex structures. I ended up with boxes of pieces that I spread out on the floor every day, trying to create something different from what the manuals suggested.

During school, I never let go of my pencil; I was always sketching my dreams. I began to discover my talents as an artist/designer and ended up painting some oil paintings and designing spaceships to later build with LEGO. Even though my teachers never understood, and my grades didn’t stand out in school, I was constantly learning things on my own that I found more interesting. I learned to play the drums to release all the energy I had inside me, then picked up the guitar to not drive my parents crazy. I ended up joining the ranks of the SCOUTS, where I started cultivating my leadership and social skills. I learned to face challenging situations and life-or-death decisions.

I was a young adventurer and risk-taker, practicing everything from martial arts to various extreme sports: water skiing, skateboarding, snowboarding, rappelling, canyoning, rock climbing, paragliding, surfing, windsurfing, and kite surfing; always searching for something different to experience the thrill. From these experiences, I started my first business with an uncle, organizing extreme tours.

Entering university changed my academic outlook because I had the opportunity to focus my knowledge directly on what mattered to me: making dreams come true! It started with my own dreams and continued with those of other people who inspired me with their ambitions, which in turn fueled mine. Through multiple university groups I was part of, I pushed myself beyond what would be expected of a typical college student. For a curious young person like me, one degree seemed insufficient, so I studied two engineering degrees simultaneously for several years.

During my university years, I met more curious people like me who wanted to taste the world in one bite, whom I now call my friends. At some point, we started a small woodworking projects business together, called HOLZ, where we sold crafts we made in our free time using the CNC machines we had at our disposal: a laser cutter and the router I had developed out of love for robotics (CHOX V1). The initiative was well-received at the university, and from there, we financed some of our hobbies.

When this group disbanded because its members went in different directions, I formed a new group with new friends to continue financing my hobbies. This led to the creation of 3D Shape, a self-sustaining hobby. We developed 3D printers and sold projects made with them, using the profits to improve the machines we were already using. This team consisted of mechanical engineers, electronic engineers, and systems engineers. We would gather every Sunday, which we called Machine Sundays, to brainstorm what new madness we were going to develop that day.

In life, there’s always a time to start cycles and a time to end them. Once again, I found myself alone on Machine Sundays, and 3D Shape lost its momentum. I decided to continue my journey independently, to prove to myself that my passions didn’t depend on anyone else’s discipline. From that moment until today, more and more opportunities and projects have come my way, both solo and in temporary work teams, helping me to keep building myself every day.

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