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This project was developed in collaboration with Multiplo Colombia S.A.S, with the goal of designing and creating an electric vehicle specifically designed for loading luggage onto planes. The primary focus was to develop an ultralight solution, aiming to create the lightest baggage conveyor belt available in the market.

Multiplo multi-19 at josemaria cordoba airport

Project Description

This was a project developed in record time. After almost a year of design, the Multi-19 vehicle is preparing to become a reality and my team and I implement a production and assembly workshop in 2 months, having the first batch of the product. ready in less than a month after completing the implementation of the facilities. It must also be recognized that a large part of the product was outsourced to other industries to make this possible. However, the most critical parts were developed inhouse and for this, their own custom tooling was created to guarantee that their manufacture reflected the added value that these pieces contributed to the whole.


Start date:10/28/19
Duration:6 months

My Role

  • Quality control manager
  • Manufacturing logistics.
  • Mechanical design.

My Role

Within this project, I held multiple responsibilities to ensure its success. As the Quality Control Manager, I meticulously supervised every stage of production, from initial design to final assembly. This involved overseeing a diverse team of skilled professionals, conducting thorough inspections, and implementing rigorous quality assurance protocols.

In addition to my role in quality control, I actively managed manufacturing logistics. This included coordinating the timely delivery of raw materials, equipment, and finished products. I collaborated closely with suppliers, ensuring that all materials met our strict specifications and were delivered on schedule. By efficiently managing the supply chain, I helped streamline operations and minimize production delays.

Moreover, I played a key role in the automation and control programming process. Leveraging my expertise, I collaborated with the programming team to develop innovative solutions and optimize the performance of critical systems. I actively participated in brainstorming sessions and contributed valuable insights that were instrumental in the successful implementation and programming of automated processes.

By combining my expertise in quality control, logistics management, and automation, I played an integral part in driving the project’s success. I am proud of my contributions and the positive impact they had on the overall project outcomes.

Technologies Used:


Our design journey commences with Autodesk Inventor, a pinnacle of design software. Every nuance of Sophia’s blueprint is meticulously crafted using Inventor’s versatile tools. This includes intricate components tailored for both CNC manufacturing and 3D printing. The software ensures that each design element aligns seamlessly with our vision, setting the stage for a successful manufacturing process.


Sophia’s design transitions from the digital realm to physical reality through a combination of cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. 3D printing brings intricate components to life with unparalleled precision, ensuring the complexity of our design is faithfully reproduced. Laser cutting adds finesse to specific elements, while CNC machining forms the backbone of our system. These manufacturing techniques harmonize to manifest Sophia’s form and function with an unmatched level of accuracy.


Once the physical components are defined, Marlin firmware takes center stage. Compiled using PlatformIO in Visual Studio Code on the Arduino platform, Marlin orchestrates Sophia’s movements and functionalities. Python, coupled with the Raspberry Pi, empowers wireless control systems, offering enhanced accessibility and operational efficiency. This comprehensive integration of software technologies ensures Sophia not only meets but exceeds the demands of innovation in the world of 3D printing.

Project Results

The Ultralight and Electric Baggage Conveyor Belt project achieved remarkable success, both in terms of product performance and project execution. By collaborating closely with Multiplo Colombia S.A.S, we delivered a cutting-edge solution within an accelerated timeframe. The first batch of conveyor belts demonstrated outstanding functionality and durability, exceeding the expectations of our client and end-users. The project’s success also paved the way for future collaborations, establishing a strong foundation for innovation and growth in the airport equipment industry.

Operational Benefits

Enhanced Fuel Efficiency

The ultralight design of the conveyor belts significantly improves fuel efficiency, reducing operational costs and minimizing environmental impact.

Streamlined Operations

The electric conveyor belts enable swift and precise baggage handling, enhancing productivity and reducing turnaround times.

Cost-effective Maintenance

With high-quality components and robust engineering, the conveyor belts require minimal maintenance, resulting in lower maintenance costs and reduced downtime.

Safety and Ergonomics

Advanced safety features and ergonomic considerations ensure a secure working environment and minimize the risk of accidents or injuries.

Scalability and Adaptability

The modular design allows for easy customization and expansion, accommodating various airport layouts and future operational needs.

Advanced Tracking and Security

Integrated tracking systems and enhanced security features provide real-time visibility and secure handling of luggage, ensuring passenger satisfaction and peace of mind.

The Ultralight and Electric Baggage Conveyor Belt project revolutionizes baggage handling operations, delivering enhanced fuel efficiency, streamlined operations, cost-effective maintenance, improved safety, scalability, and advanced tracking and security. These operational benefits set new standards in the industry and pave the way for efficient and future-ready baggage handling systems.

Partnership and Recognition

  • Strengthened partnership with Multiplo Colombia S.A.S through successful collaboration.
  • Positioned as pioneers in the development of cutting-edge airport equipment.
  • Received positive feedback and reception from clients and end-users, confirming significant impact on the industry.

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