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Main 12

Individually we see stars, but together we map the cosmos.

Prof. Alexander Carter

Outsourced R&D department

I’m excited to share with you one of the most fulfilling projects in my personal portfolio – Main 12, a technology development company that I founded in 2022 in the enchanting city of Orlando, Florida. Main 12 was born from a passion for innovation and a desire to help businesses thrive in the digital age. Let’s dive into the story of Main 12 and how this venture came to life!

Project Description

Dreaming Big

In a world characterized by fast-paced technological advancements, Main 12 emerged as a visionary venture with a clear purpose. Drawing from over 10 years of experience in the tech industry, the idea was to create a dynamic community of businesses with similar profiles. This alliance would serve as a collaborative platform where companies could address shared challenges related to digital transformation.

Main 12 assumed the role of an outsourced R&D department, working closely with these businesses to develop innovative solutions that set them apart in the competitive landscape. By pooling resources and expertise, the community fostered an environment of mutual support and collective growth.


Start date:02/01/22
Duration:2 Years

My Role

  • Founder and Visionary.
  • Leadership and Direction
  • Strategic Planning and Client Relations

At the heart of this project lies the commitment to empower each business, fostering a culture of knowledge-sharing and exploration. Together, they aimed to pave the way for a future where adaptability to technology is seamless, driving transformative success and unlocking untapped potential. Through unity and collaboration, Main 12 and its community of businesses embraced the journey towards a brighter, technologically-driven future.


Unleashing Potential

The opportunity to establish Main 12 came from recognizing a common challenge faced by businesses – the need to stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape. While some companies had the vision for transformation, they lacked the time and resources to bring it to life. I saw an opportunity to bridge this gap, providing a comprehensive range of services that would empower businesses to embrace change and achieve their fullest potential.

Whay orlando?

This question often arises when reflecting on the journey that led me here. Truth be told, it wasn’t a conscious decision to choose Orlando; rather, it was a serendipitous alignment of opportunities that drew me to this magical city. As an entrepreneur driven by innovation, I found myself following the breadcrumbs of potential that emerged along the way.

It all began with the smart vest project, a revolutionary wearable technology with the potential to transform the paintball gaming experience and find applications in military equipment. This compelling venture naturally led to the exploration of the smart paintball gun, promising immersive gaming experiences. As I delved deeper into the possibilities, the allure of video mapping experience for a soccer field in Miami emerged, presenting an exciting convergence of technology and real-world applications.

In the vibrant tech community of Orlando, these ventures found fertile ground, where collaboration and innovation thrived. The city’s spirit became the catalyst to embrace challenges, overcome obstacles, and shape a future where creative ingenuity flourishes. Together, this journey unfolded, guided not by a predetermined path, but by the dynamic forces of inspiration and opportunity, making Orlando the perfect canvas to paint the vision of transformative technology.

My Roll

  1. Founder and Visionary: As the Founder and Visionary, I am the driving force behind the technology development company’s inception in 2022. My unwavering passion for innovation and commitment to helping businesses adapt to the digital age laid the foundation for Main 12’s creation.
  2. Leadership and Direction: I provide decisive Leadership and Direction to the company. Setting the mission, vision, and goals, I guide our talented team towards achieving these objectives. Drawing upon my expertise and extensive experience in the tech industry, I make informed decisions that fuel the company’s growth and progress.
  3. Strategic Planning and Client Relations: I actively shape Main 12’s approach to serving clients, ensuring it revolves around their unique needs and challenges. With a client-centric perspective, I prioritize the delivery of high-quality services and innovative solutions that exceed expectations. Nurturing strong client relationships, I keenly understand their pain points and aspirations, enabling us to provide tailored outcomes that drive their success.

The Challenge

Building the Network and Gaining Initial Clients

1. Navigating Uncharted Waters: Forging the Community

The inception of Main 12 brought forth the challenge of creating a network of like-minded businesses. Establishing a collaborative alliance required tenacity and a compelling vision, as we sought to unite companies with shared goals in the dynamic tech landscape.

2. Stepping into Sales: Learning on the Fly

Selling the concept of this unique alliance to the first three clients was a daunting task, especially with my limited experience in sales. Overcoming this obstacle demanded a willingness to learn and grow, pushing me to acquire new skills and refine my pitch to effectively communicate the value of Main 12’s proposition.

The Solution

Building a Visionary Team

Alone, we dream. Together, we achieve.

Main 12 – Brewing the future.

Creating Main 12 required assembling a team of experts who shared the same passion for technology and innovation. Together, we set out to offer a wide array of services, including product development, technology scouting, and innovation consulting. By understanding each client’s unique needs and combining our skills, we tailored solutions that would be a perfect fit for their digital transformation journey.

Approach: Client-Centric and Multidisciplinary

At Main 12, we believe in the power of putting our clients first. Our approach is rooted in understanding their pain points, goals, and aspirations. By adopting a client-centric perspective, we focused on delivering high-quality services that aligned perfectly with their requirements.

Moreover, we embraced a multidisciplinary approach, combining various fields of expertise to tackle any challenge that came our way. This enabled us to source the best tools and techniques, ensuring that every project we undertook was not only innovative but also efficient and effective.

Our Purpose!!

Mission: Empowering Positive Impact

Our mission at Main 12 is clear – we’re dedicated to helping our clients achieve their best performance. By facilitating their digital transformation and process optimization, we aim to enable them to have a positive impact on their clients and the community they serve. We believe that when businesses thrive, they create a ripple effect of growth and prosperity.

Vision: Pioneering the Future

Looking forward, our vision is to be at the forefront of the technology development landscape. We want to create products that simplify the lives of our clients, generating over $1.5 million in passive income annually from the solutions we develop. This financial success will lay the foundation for further growth, allowing us to make an even more significant impact by 2027.

Conclusion: And that’s the story of Main 12 – a journey fueled by passion, innovation, and a commitment to empowering businesses for a digital future. As we continue to take on new challenges, we invite you to join us on this exciting ride. Together, let’s embrace the magic of technology and make dreams come true!

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