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Planetary Clock

For the love of artengineering and time management I have designed this jewel so as not to lose track of it. initially as an addition to my wall and later with commercial intentions, although it has not yet been launched, it is about to see the world markets.

Project Description

Since the beginning of time, humanity has been concerned with keeping time and with the passage of time the systems for its measurement have evolved considerably, but for my part I still stick to the romantic idea of mechanical clock’s because of the appearance of the mechanism, this was my first inspiration in wanting to redesign traditional mechanical clock’s and propose a new concept.

Mechanical clocks are based on the idea of being able to measure time using a repetitive process as long as it is consistent enough. This design doesn’t stray too far from that idea as it uses a swiss lever mechanism to ensure good enough accuracy (in the range that mechanical limitations and design tolerances allow). Additionally, it is satisfied with a double spring system for a greater duration of its potential energy and a planetary crown system for the distribution of seconds, minutes and hours. Where if it deviates a little it is in the form of its reading, since it is the crowns of the dials the ones that rotate instead of the hands as in conventional clok. 

(Possibly in the future it will also incorporate a day counter, we’ll see) .


Start date:02/05/17
Duration:1 Year

My Role

  • Mechanical design.
  • Mechanical analysis.
  • Product design.